At Patrick Construction we offer a wide range of services, some may not be listed below.  If you do not see one of the services you are needing, please do not hesitate to call us. We are always looking for new challenges and want to continue striving to meet our customers needs.  


Underground utilities

Patrick Construction offers excavation, placement and backfill of a variety of underground utilities. On the residential side we install / replace water, sewer, natural gas and electrical services. Commercial work includes sewer and water mains, rural gas services and subdivision storm drains. We also perform specialty installations such as underground boring, trenchless sewer bursting and mole installation.


Patrick Construction does demolitions both small and large. From shed, garage, housing, apartment complexes, and office removals, to large commercial buildings and warehouses. We even demo industrial grain elevators. Patrick Construction will take care of the entire process of tear down, off haul, disposal and backfill so the site is ready for future use.

Excavation & site work

Patrick Construction offers all sorts of dirt work excavation, leveling and earthmoving abilities. If you need basements or crawl spaces excavated for a new home, a new piece of property leveled and fine graded or hill sides moved to fill in large low spots, Patrick Construction offers the right equipment and manpower to do so. We even do small project such as pre-landscape shaping for yards and parks.

Roadwork & lot construction

Patrick Construction has all the necessary equipment and material to construct new gravel roadways and vacant lots. We provide surveying and staking for proper drainage as well as expert operators and the right materials to finish the lot properly. Patrick Construction also repairs and regrades current roadways and lots.


Patrick Construction has a large fleet of semi-trucks and an assortment of trailers for all kind of hauling needs. We offer dump trucks for smaller residential deliveries, side dump and belly dump trailers for gravel or rock hauling, flatbeds and enclosed trailers for cargo transportation and drop deck trailers for a wide variety of equipment hauling. Many of the combination trailers vary in axles, dependent on the weight of the loads you may need transported.

Track inspection & rail work

Patrick Construction offers railroad services for industrial tracks. From track inspections, tie replacement, rail realigning and building, switch installation and ballast replacement, Patrick Construction can handle all of your rail work needs. We even provide grapple trucks to haul materials in and out of inaccessible sites if the job requires such.

Train derailment services

Patrick Construction provides emergency response service for train derailments for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Montana Rail Link, and Canadian Pacific Railway. We also offer these same response services to Industrial Rail Lines that have trains derail and temporary close the rail lines. Patrick Construction has side-boom cats, excavators, bucket dozers and all other necessary equipment to get your train back on the tracks and your rail line back in operation.

Septic pumping & outhouse rental

Patrick Construction offers septic services for rural sewer systems. We can come out, pump your septic tank or drain field and then dispose of it in a proper manner. Patrick Construction also rents out portable toilets for events such as weddings, tours, powwows, sports fields, camping, etc… Call and reserve yours today.

Snow removal

Patrick Construction offers snow removal for those heavy Montana snows. We specialize on large lot plowing that requires big equipment such as loaders, graders and plows. We also offer lot sanding with our sanding truck in case ice begins to form on roadways and walkways.

Asphalt paving

Patrick Construction offers lot, driveway and street paving. Whether it is a heavy traffic area or light use road, Patrick Construction can provide you with a proper paving job from pre-grade leveling, blue topping and black topping.